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    National 4-H Conference is the premier 4-H
    civic engagement national opportunity for youth.

    National 4-H Conference is the annual premiere national civic engagement opportunity for 4-H members across the country.

    Delegates will not only learn while at the conference. Delegates have the opportunity to practice and apply in a real world setting their newly developed and refined skills.

    Land Grant University 4-H Departments send a delegation size of their choice to participate in the conference. The selection and registration process is up to each Land Grant University 4-H Department.

    Youth delegates must be between ages 15 (by January 1 of the conference year) and 19 years old.

    The delegates choose an important societal topic and in round table groups prepare a briefing. During the conference, the groups present their briefing to federal officials around the Washington, D.C. area.

    A typical National 4-H Conference schedule may look like this:

    Day 1
    • Arrive late in the day
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Social Activity
    Day 2
    • Motivational Keynote Speaker
    • Multiple Round Table Sessions
    • Skill Building Workshops
    • Cultural Entertainment
    Day 3
    • Special Guest Speaker from the Federal Government
    • Multiple Round Table Sessions
    • Skill Building Workshop
    • Briefing Rehearsal
    • Team Building Social Activity
    Day 4
    • Briefing Preparation
    • Briefing Presentations at Federal Agencies
    • Monument Tours
    Day 5
    • State Delegations Make Capitol Hill Visits
    • State Delegations Tour the National Mall
    • Closing activity and Dance
    Day 6
    • Return Home

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