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4-H National Youth Science Day is a day dedicated to engaging kids with science through a hands-on science challenge. This year’s engineering design challenge – Drone Discovery – is being conducted by thousands of kids across the nation as they learn about flight dynamics, aircraft types, remote sensing and flight control.

4-H is dedicated to providing the hands-on experience in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to give kids the life skills they need to succeed today and the career readiness to succeed tomorrow. Programs like 4-H NYSD offer youth an opportunity to learn about science in a fun, dynamic way and spark their interest in all areas of STEM.

2016 4-H NYSD Challenge – Drone Discovery

4-H 2016 NYSD drone discovery logo

Developed by Cornell University Cooperative Extension, Drone Discovery explores the science behind drones and how they are used to solve real world problems. 

The Drone Discovery science kit can be purchased from the 4-H Mall.

2015 4-H NYSD Highlight Video


How to Get Involved

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The 4-H NYSD kit contains everything you need to successfully complete the Drone Discovery Challenge.
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