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Riding It Forward: The Finale

Joe O. Finale

In a world of thoughts and ideas, it amazes me that a single moment in time can leave a lasting imprint in one's memory that will create something grander than ever imagined. The "Riding It Forward" Cross Country Tour was that opportunity for me to channel my inner Terry Fox, set my life aside, and dedicate myself to something that was bigger than me. It started out as an idea that kept running through my mind and turned into something that allowed me to connect to the unlimited power known as inspiration.

WeConnect: A Global Youth Citizenship Curriculum

WeConnect Cover

We developed a resource for youth-serving organizations and schools entitled WeConnect: A Global Youth Citizenship Curriculum. WeConnect is a program model and curriculum designed to show youth that they are participants of a global society, inspiring a sense of understanding and confidence in relating and connecting to other people.

5 Things I've Learned in My 7 Years As a 4-H'er

4-H'er Justina Sharp

I am a Girl Scouts drop-out. It was just never my jam. I sold cookies and moved out. I was a homeschooled 10 year-old with nothing to do and no one to do it with. Then we went to my first 4-H meeting and that was that. This was my place and these were my people.

2014 4-H National Youth Science Day Recap

NYSD 2014 - summary

October 8th was a big day for 4-H as the seventh annual 4-H National Youth Science Day was in full effect. Youth around the world geared up for the 2014 National Science Experiment, Rockets to the Rescue, developed by the University of Arizona.

This year's national event was an exciting one as youth and guests traveled to downtown Washington, D.C., to celebrate STEM education and experiences. Here's a recap of the exciting events that took place.

Congressman Chris Van Hollen on 4-H NYSD

In Congress, we also have a duty to ensure that programs like 4-H can continue their mission and expand their reach to help our students develop enduring technical and leadership skills. 4-H National Youth Science Day is a great example of the kind of proactive programs needed to address the shortage of youth pursuing STEM careers.

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