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For 4-H Professionals: The Key to Productive Meetings

I have come to believe that it’s critical for teammates to come together to share ideas and be renewed by one another’s excitement for making the best better. The stories of impact that we share from youth programs are so refreshing – from the girl who wouldn’t give up and finally got her code to work, to the boy who stepped outside his comfort zone and gave an incredible impromptu public speech. I love meeting with my team because these youth stories replenish our motivations and get us excited for the next experience.

4-H Alumni Spotlight: Hailey Johnson

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My involvement in 4-H, made me who I am today. It gave me the confidence needed to take on new adventures. I would have never thought that one day I would be interning at National 4-H Council in a new city so far away from home. Before 4-H, I would have never had the confidence needed to make the connections with this organization or to travel to an unfamiliar place.

The Superheroes of 4-H

One aspect that often gets lost when thinking about the value of the NAE4-HA Conference is the development that comes from just the interactions with other professionals doing similar work as yourself. A chance conversation on the way to an Association business meeting results in a trick of the trade quickly implemented once back home. A conversation during lunch results in the solving of a programmatic puzzle one has long struggled with. The whole week is one long opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other; from some of the best this country has to offer! It is a great conference any 4-H professional can gain by attending.

Review: Nat Geo’s Mysteries of the Unseen World

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The world we live in is an amazing place. With ever-changing and ever-growing organisms and technology, there’s no limit to what we are able to witness in our lifetime. So what about the things we are unable to see? Have you ever thought about the evolution of things that are impossible to witness during the process? These are the things unseen to the naked eye. In partnership with Lockheed Martin and FEI, and made possible through a grant provided by the National Science Foundation, National Geographic has unveiled these simple yet extraordinary phenomena in the film, Mysteries of the Unseen World.

Put Yourself in the Flow of Relevant Information with Google Alerts

I have learned that when it comes to innovation, it’s not the idea, it’s what you do with it. That being the case, it would be well worth your time to create a system that feeds you with ideas, manages your online reputation, and allows you to stay on the pulse of our industry.

Google Alerts is the tool I use to put myself in the flow of innovative ideas and information relevant to my work in 4-H. I take only 10 minutes in the evening and morning to collect and review ideas, manage my online reputation, and keep a pulse on our industry.

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