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Report for Mr. Drum: Maryland 4-H Dairy Bowl

A few weeks ago I asked some local Maryland 4-H members to tell me something they would want me to share with you. I said I contribute to a national 4-H blog for 4-H Professionals. I wondered what they might want you to know about. I suggested they might talk about someone in 4-H who positively impacted their life. I told them if they sent me something, I’d make sure to use it in one of my blog posts.

One of the 4-H’ers was a teenager named Faith “Mindy” Burton. Mindy is a member of the Montgomery County 4-H Dairy Goat Club, Lucky Clovers 4-H Club, Green Sprouts 4-H Club, and, apparently the Montgomery County 4-H Dairy Bowl team. This is what Mindy sent me, no edits, straight up!

4-H Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Riley

Elizabeth Riley - first project - summary

Wood shavings, goat hair, and judging notebooks characterized my summers growing up, rather than the traditional sunscreen and bathing suits. I spent most of my time with Sarah, Ace, Geoffrey, and Habanero -- all sheep or goats in our show string.

My 4-H career spanned nearly every conceivable event and team. I sewed, judged livestock, went to 4-H camp, learned to safely shoot BB guns, cured country hams, attended national conferences, and gave speeches. Dipping my toe into so many disciplines definitely made me a more well-rounded student,

20 Reasons Why 4-H Moms Are the Best Moms Ever

Best Mom Ever - summary

For a week, we celebrated 4-H Moms! In partnership with, we asked the 4-H community to share what it's like being a 4-H mom and found out from 4-H'ers what they loved and appreciated most about their 4-H mom. Here's just a few heartfelt and inspiring reasons why 4-H moms are the best moms ever!

For 4-H Professionals: Why You Might Be Sabotaging Your 4-H Program

During my first week as a county 4-H Agent I had a plan to meet as many people as possible. I started calling down a list of approximately 150 volunteers to set up meetings and learn about their clubs.

About 80% of them either told me they hadn’t been active in leading their club for a number of years or they were going to take a break for a while.

How would this make you feel? Distraught? Unhappy?For me, I was relieved! It was a huge weight off of my shoulders.

The moment you became the leader of your 4-H program, you started up a Big Green Bus. You put your sign up announcing where you were headed (vision) and like any other bus ride, some people want to get off.

4-H Food Smart Families: Youth as Teachers

One of life’s greatest gifts is when our kids teach us a thing or two; this is especially true with my four teenagers. It can be humbling when mom is supposed to know best, and they call me out to recycle, conserve water, and the list continues. Today’s young people are inspiring others to make a difference in their families and communities, and in the process teaching me a thing or two about a social issue I have studied and worked on for nearly 10 years – food insecurity.

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