For 4-H Professionals: You’ve Got Time for That

In my last blog post I wrote about taking the necessary time to enhance your 4-H county (region, or state) program with innovative ventures. I imagine some readers might have brushed it off and thought, “Pshh, but I don't have time for that.”

That may be how you ‘feel', but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when Americans are asked to estimate their number of work hours, we tend to overestimate the figure by about 5–10 percent. Sociologist John Robinson and the co-authors of the BLS article point out that most people actually have around 40 hours of free time per week.

What is 4-H?

What Is 4-H

I once had a two and a half hour “discussion” with a 4-H Volunteer about this very question. He said it was an agricultural education program. I said it was a positive youth development education program. He said all this nonsense about building birdhouses and rockets was “watering down” the essence of the 4-H agricultural experience. I suggested it wasn’t what the project members took that was important but the life skills the members learned while they completed their project that was important. He said I didn’t know what I was talking about. I suggested perhaps the opposite was true.

Riding It Forward: Believe in Yourself

RIF Alyssa Summary

What an amazing day at the National 4-H Headquarters. The send-off ceremony to start the ride was something you would see in a movie. The National 4-H Healthy Living Ambassadors, Noah (a.k.a. Bingo), NBC’s Biggest Loser Teenage Ambassador, my father, Henry Sr., my brother, Henry, and my amazing friend, Griffin Gonzalez, cause marketing director at National 4-H Council, were all there to unfold this dream and see Riding It Forward become reality.

Support 4-H Liberia During Ebola Crisis

4-H Liberia School Group

4-H serves youth around the world in Africa, Asia, and Europe, providing resources to fight hunger and support sustainable living. The recent outbreak of the Ebola virus is threatening the progress and success of 4-H Liberia. It is projected that 4-H Liberia needs a minimum of $600 a month to operate regularly and successfully throughout the remainder of the year. With the help of U.S. 4-H clubs and supporters, 4-H Liberia is working to reach their goal of $3,000 to continue serving youth eager to learn and grow in their communities.

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4-H and My Wildly Unanticipated Life

Jamaica 4-H Sign

It’s so easy to forget the meaning of words that we often recite. I’m no different; as a lifelong 4-Her, I’ve recited the 4-H pledge too many times to count. I’ve literally gone through the motions of the pledge. At every meeting and gathering, we pledge parts of ourselves for the good of the whole, which is something radical in our often too individualistic society. The first time I heard the 4-H pledge at a meeting in rural Jamaica, I was struck by how meaningful these words really are.

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