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4-H Celebrates Engineers Week with Lockheed Martin

February 23-27, 2015 was National Engineers Week. What better way to celebrate, than to have 4-H members meet with Lockheed Martin Engineers and talk about their 4-H projects! After all, Lockheed Martin has been one of 4-H’s strongest supporters! So that is exactly what we did! At Lockheed Martin’s invitation, 4-H members from across Maryland penciled 4-H at Lockheed Martin onto their February 23 calendar pages. Weather and other concerns whittled the number down to eight 4-H’ers, but those eight were VERY excited – and were the engineers! By the end of the evenin,g I wasn’t sure who was keeping who there: the members telling the engineers about their 4-H projects or the engineers asking more and more questions about what the 4-H’ers brought to show them! Lockheed Martin engineers interacting with 4-H members – it was a sight to behold!

2015 Youth In Action Award Honoree: Nosa Akol

Youth In Action Honoree Nosa Akol - summary

Each year during the Legacy Awards, National 4-H Council acknowledge 4-H youth, alumni and supporters for their work in advocating youth empowerment and impact across the country. The Youth In Action Award honors one exceptional youth who embodies the life-changing impact of 4-H. This young person demonstrates personal growth, community impact and project excellence through their 4-H experience.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2015 Youth In Action Award is 17-year-old Nosa Akol, a senior at Binghamton High School in New York. Nosa’s 4-H experience began when she joined CITIZEN U 4-H during her freshman year of high school.

4-H Parent POV: When James Met Goldie, and Seven Others

James at 4-H Fair - summary

James was able to participate in the local agricultural fair with his 4-H group and show his Bantam chicken, Lily Bell. He placed third in Showmanship and Knowledge among dozens of kids. He was the only kid in his club to place, judged by the toughest judge to ever be invited to the fair - so the organizers told us! James has this confidence whenever he can talk about his interests so this came naturally to him. All his time researching chickens had earned him a third place ribbon at the fair. We were so proud of him and it was nice that the kids from his club were all happy for him, too.

For 4-H Professionals: What's a MOOC?

This time of year I feel a heavy burden as I plan for 4-H summer camps. I feel obligated to stay on the pulse of technological change and innovation because our youth are growing up in such a complex world. I don’t believe in telling youth what I know so they can do what I can do. Rather, the objective of my 4-H summer camps is to prepare youth for what I can’t prepare them for. I do this by providing youth with a safe environment where they can have a hands-on learning experience solving complex problems.

Organizing complex problems is complex. It requires me to be constantly learning. I have a hard time taking a break from learning, especially when the Internet provides so many free learning experiences. Right now I am immersed in several MOOCs.

Alumni Spotlight: Otha Thornton, President, National Parent Teacher Association

4-H Alumnus Otha Thornton, National PTA President

How do we strengthen the connection between family and youth development? It’s with various in-school and after-school programs that 4-H is able to not only contribute to the upbringing of today’s youth, but to encourage greater family engagement. The work of 4-H is beneficial to all involved—youth, parent/guardian and adult leader/mentor.

So, what organization knows the importance of youth and family engagement better than the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA). In celebration of National PTA Founders’ Day, we were honored to chat with the National PTA president and 4-H alumnus Otha Thornton.

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