Life Lessons and the Ultimate Premium

No matter what profession you go into there will always be someone with more money, talent or luck than you. Happiness and contentment cannot be defined by being the most successful or winning first place. If that is what is most important to you, your life will be more frustrating than satisfying. The pursuit of success or first place is not a bad thing, but it should not be the only thing. True happiness is found from doing the best you can with what you have.

To Make the Best Better

The 4-H Motto is “To Make the Best Better.”

It seems like a good motto but over the years, it is a motto that has received its share of criticism. The knock it most often gets is the amount of stress and pressure it implies. Kids today have too much pressure in their lives already. Why put even more on them by asking them to improve on perfection, or so the argument goes? No question about it, young people today, and older folks too for that matter, are under a lot of pressure.

4-H Alumni Spotlight: Robert Lancon

4-H Alumnus Robert Lancon

As a seven-year 4-H member, I learned many lessons. Whether it was as a state officer, Parish club president, camp counselor, contestant, or even a 4-H friend, I learned character traits and skills that have truly prepared me for the real world. I am more prepared for a career because of 4-H; I am more prepared to make a difference in my community because of 4-H; and I am more prepared to be a positive role model to my peers because of 4-H. I’ve joined the “Revolution of Responsibility.”

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The Power of 4-H Robotics

One of the newest 4-H projects to hit the streets in recent times has met with great success and excitement. And why not? It offers individual development, opportunities to work as a member of a team, involvement with technology, experiences with problem solving, competition, travel AND it is attractive to adolescents. What is this magical project called? 4-H Robotics!

4-H Alumni Spotlight: Ariel Rivers

Ariel Rivers - summary

We continue to share the amazing stories of adults who credit their experience and life lessons learned in 4-H for influencing their lives and careers today. In this month's Alumni Spotlight, we feature Ph.D. candidate and former California 4-H'er Ariel Rivers.

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