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4-H Legacy: Celebrating Youth In Action

Youth In Action Nominees - Emma and Oakley

During National 4-H Council's annual Legacy Awards, we honor our youth with the Youth In Action Award. This award recognizes youth who, through their involvement in 4-H, have applied what they have learned to engage their peers to create positive change in their communities. Although only one recipient is chosen, it is important to highlight the amazing youth nominees who are thriving today and preparing themselves and the world for a bright future tomorrow.

The 10 Must-Have Tools This 4-H Agent Never Forgets

Winston Churchill once said, “We shall neither fail nor falter; we shall not weaken or tire…give us the tools and we will finish the job.” I like this quote because it’s the tools we use each day that make it possible for us to be successful 4-H professionals. Our creativity, ingenuity and insight, coupled with the tools we use that allow us to make incredible impacts in positive youth development, change the course of lives and history.

I am often asked about all the tools and gadgets I carry on my person when I’m working out in the field or travelling to a meeting or conference. So, here they are – the 10 must-have tools that I never leave home without.

Pledge to Youth: 4-H Youth Meet the POTUS

Jennifer Sirangelo with 4-H Youth in front of the White Hosue

Today, 4-H youth from Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, and Utah had the extraordinary opportunity to step foot into the Oval Office to meet President Barack Obama! The visit was a particularly exciting one, as the eight phenomenal youth were joined by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to share how they are taking action in their communities to fight rural poverty and childhood hunger.

I was able to capture the tremendous excitement of Geneva (AK), Andres (AZ), Kashawn (GA), Kimberly (ID), Lorena (ID), Spencer (IA), Gabrielle (MD), and Jacob (UT), minutes after meeting President Obama. It was a priceless moment, and I was honored to be there with such deserving 4-H youth who are changing lives every day.

Serving Rural America’s Kids and Families

4-H Youth in front of White House

Today, President Obama and I met with eight members of the National 4-H community in the Oval Office. Each one of them had an inspiring story about how they are opening up new doors for kids in their hometowns, and how this work is building stronger communities where they can learn, play and grow.

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to these young leaders and tell you about the projects that encouraged President Obama to invite them to the White House to say “thank you”. Investing in kids like these is an investment in America’s future.

Old News of 4-H

History banner

I am a member of the National 4-H History Preservation Team. Talk about “old news!” When we meet, “old news” is about all we DO talk about. However, sometimes, that “old news” isn’t so, well, “old news” after all! Just go visit the 4-H History Preservation website and see all the surprises “old news” can provide.

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