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How Fear of the Unknown Limits Our Ability to Recognize Blue Ocean Opportunity

4-H Youth on Laptop

Most of us never learned computer programming in school. We don't know it and we don't know how to teach it. However, currently sixth-grade boys and girls are self-organizing in programming clubs and competing in hack-a-thon competitions where they design and code their own video games. Five-year-olds are learning the basics of computer science through apps on their iPads. Countless resources are available to teach and learn, but what’s largely missing are the guidance of caring adult leaders and the structure of a 4-H club.

A 4-H NYSD to Remember

It was just a squeak shouted up at me from below my chin by a child who was, perhaps, all of nine years of age. I was standing on the sidewalk outside the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, D.C., ushering into the building a group of D.C. 4-H’ers just arriving to attend the National 4-H Council 4-H National Youth Science Day event on October 8. I was surrounded! They were excited! One girl was actually jumping up and down.

What Does 4-H Grow

4-H Alumni - Charlie Bonner - summary

Many think about the livestock that 4-H’ers raise, the plants and food that they grow, or the science that they bring to life. But what about what 4-H raises?

Through successful youth programs, 4-H grows caring and impactful kids who are ready and willing to serve their communities, impact their peers and nurture their environment. These are selfless youth who put the needs of their club, their community, their country and their world before their own. They are our future leaders, scientists, farmers and humanitarians.

During this giving season, think about the 4-H’ers who deserve our thanks and our giving like these 4-H’ers.

For 4-H Professionals: The Key to Productive Meetings

I have come to believe that it’s critical for teammates to come together to share ideas and be renewed by one another’s excitement for making the best better. The stories of impact that we share from youth programs are so refreshing – from the girl who wouldn’t give up and finally got her code to work, to the boy who stepped outside his comfort zone and gave an incredible impromptu public speech. I love meeting with my team because these youth stories replenish our motivations and get us excited for the next experience.

4-H Alumni Spotlight: Hailey Johnson

4-H Alumni - Hailey Johnson - headshot

My involvement in 4-H, made me who I am today. It gave me the confidence needed to take on new adventures. I would have never thought that one day I would be interning at National 4-H Council in a new city so far away from home. Before 4-H, I would have never had the confidence needed to make the connections with this organization or to travel to an unfamiliar place.

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