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4-H Professionals: Dreams of Kansas

KState - summary

I often think that there is a disconnect between those who “do” 4-H at the local/county level and those who “do” 4-H at the state level. Of course, it’s even worse if one is connected to 4-H at a national level (like me). So whenever I have the chance to see 4-H happening at a level less than national, I enjoy it and gain a great deal from it. That is what happened for me over the Flag Day weekend. I saw 4-H happen in Salina, Kansas.

4-H Offers Hands-On Ways to Engage Kids in STEM

Partial STEM Infographic - summary

4-H recently participated in the Mediaplanet STEM Education campaign in which the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries united to raise awareness about the benefits of STEM Education and the importance of inspiring our youth to pursue a career in these fields.

4-H Professionals: The Things That Might Not Work

If you need to know that it's going to work, then you have committed yourself to a path of certainty. Some 4-H professionals go to work in the "4-H factory" and do nothing but the things they are certain about.

The other path is to work in the "4-H lab" and do things that might not work, things you are uncertain about.

31 Reasons to Join 4-H

Reasons to Join 4-H

Looking for a reason to join or get your children involved in 4-H? Take it from 4-H'ers themselves! Here are just a few of the many reasons why 4-H’ers have joined (and stay in) 4-H!

On Becoming Seven

She was only six (by 4-H age) but she had a presentation to make and she was going to make it! Hers was the last presentation scheduled for the day. Just at noon, she walked into the room confident and ready. She took her place at the front of the room, looking down at her toes to be sure she was in the right place.

Saturday, March 14 was Maryland’s Center Cluster 4-H Communications Day. 4-H’ers from across three Maryland counties converged upon the Bushy Park Elementary School in Glenwood, Maryland to try their hand at giving a presentation.

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