Why Making is Meaningful

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Making has become a hot topic, not just in 4-H but in all of education. More 4-H programs are planning to host Maker Camps this summer than ever before. I am so thrilled to see youth across the country involved in the Maker Movement, however, my fear is that some of us are missing the point.

Anyone can follow instructions and make something, but that doesn’t mean they are learning. So, what makes ‘making’ meaningful?

How 4-H is Helping Kids Become Leaders through STEM

STEM Jobs - Blog - summary

Science, technology, engineering and math are more important than ever in today’s world. These subjects, which are often referred to by the acronym STEM, are not only the backbones of jobs and industries, but they also may hold the solutions to some of the major problems facing the world. Our Grow True Leaders Campaign encourages kids to lead the way in solving these problems, and we think STEM education can help. So we asked STEM expert Glen Zollman how getting involved in STEM can help young people become leaders. Glen is the vice president of STEM Jobs, an organization that promotes STEM education. Here’s what he told us.

Ruwanthi Ekanayake: Blossoming through 4-H

Ruwanthi Ekanayake - blog - summary

Grow True Leaders Week was an enriching culmination of incredible youth and dedicated volunteers, tied together with the undeniably vibrant spirit of 4-H. I am so grateful for the chance to promote an organization that has been so instrumental to my growth.

I turned 18 this year, teetering somewhere on the edge of adolescence and the cusp of womanhood. Stepping forward into my future, I have an unlikely confidence in my future—a confidence that I have 4-H to thank.

4-H Mall Small Business: EQUESTrian Cards

Andrea Galliher - blog

For over two years, the 4-H Mall has partnered with 4-H alumni and supporters’ small businesses around the nation to bring their hand-crafted products to our online shop. Each new partnership introduces extremely unique items that provide value to our 4-H customers, while also allowing the 4-H Mall an opportunity to give back to these individual entrepreneurs in a new and powerful way through revenue-sharing.

One of our newest 4-H Mall Small Business partners, Andrea Galliher of EQUESTrian Cards, shares her entrepreneurial story and the impact that this new opportunity is having on her relationship with 4-H.

Jacob Shuman: A Positive Role Model

Jacob Shuman - summary

I am deeply humbled by this recognition for my 10 years that I have spent in 4-H. Surrounding myself with volunteers, club members and advisors that recognized my struggles without knowing the reason why, helped build my confidence and has catapulted me to where I am today. I hope to motivate those with learning difficulties to join 4-H, to reach for that brass ring and attain success.

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