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Food Collection in Stutsman County, ND

Community issue: Sadly, many Americans struggle to provide food for their families each year, especially during the winter holiday season.  The US Census reports that in Stutsman County, North Dakota 12.1% of the population live below the poverty level.  This means that more than 2,500 people in Stutsman county alone struggle to meet daily expenses.  A local 4-H Club heard an advertisement from a nearby city attempting to fill its Recreation Center with food donations, and decided to do something similar to help their town.   

How it was addressed: In November, 2010, the 4-H club challenged their county to fill a room in a local church with canned goods and other food donations.  In true 4-H spirit, they decided to continue their efforts in 2011 and advertised their new challenge, to "Stock the Stock Trailer," through the local Chamber of Commerce and an interview on a local radio show.  

Results: In 2010, the 4-H'ers collected 750 items to be split between the two local food banks.  In 2011, the club demonstrated the 4-H motto, "To make the best better," and collected over 2,000 food items to be distributed during the holiday season.  

What does Sara to say? "My community supports 4-H with sponsorships, time and resources, so it is only natural for me to want to give back to my community in their time of need."

What's next? The 4-H'ers plan to continue their revolution with another event in 2012. 



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