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Media Relations Toolkit

Built for those who are new to the public relations field, as well as seasoned experts, this toolkit will help you harness the power of the press. Learn how to heighten 4-H public exposure, educate new audiences about 4-H, and showcase 4-H’s relevance, positive outcomes and programmatic depth.

Media Relations 101: Storytelling and Pitching

Media Relations 201: The Media Strategy

Media Relations For Fundraising



Media Alert - When pitching to a reporter and inviting them to an event, start by sending out a basic media alert. This alert includes general information about the date, time and location of the event, as well as the day's activities. Send the alert to your favorite reporters and follow up with a phone call to check if they will attend and/or do a report on the event.

Press Release - On the day of the event or breaking news, emailing out a press release is a great way to get coverage. Many reporters will take the release - a written description of the event with quotations and other information - and run it in their news outlets. Remember to include quotations from key 4-H staff, data from the latest Tufts University Study of 4-H Positive Youth Development.

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