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Volunteer Recruitment Toolkit

Every successful 4-H story begins with a 4-H volunteer. Harness the power of volunteer participation and engagement in your community and learn how to target those individuals who will bring passion to your program. These resources were built to assist your 4-H program in finding and recruiting more 4-H volunteers.

To Attract New Volunteers:

Flyer/Print Advertisement

Whether you want to post a flyer on your community bulletin board or submit an advertisement to your local newspaper, this is a perfect tool or increasing awareness of volunteer opportunities. Customize the ad with your local contact information in the editable space near the bottom, print, and go.

Online Banner Ads

This banner advertisement gives you the opportunity to increase awareness and promote 4-H volunteer activation online. The download contains both JPEG and PSD versions of the ad.


To Present to Potential Volunteers:


The volunteer recruitment video can be used during a presentation at your next PTO meeting or as a tool to recruit volunteers via email. This video illustrates the impact volunteers are making in the 4-H community and can be used to inspire a future generation of volunteers.

Power Point Template

If you have the opportunity to present to potential volunteers, you can use this PowerPoint template to share important information, explore best practices, or teach your peers how to recruit volunteers themselves. You can customize the content with your own contact information and local content.

To Provide More Information to Potential Volunteers:


If you need a leave-behind that potential volunteers can use as a reminder, this brochure can provide all of the information you need to successfully promote 4-H volunteer recruitment. Simply download, print, and distribute.

More Information and Research:

Volunteer Engagement & Activation Resource (VEAR)

Want to learn more about the in-depth research that inspired this promotional toolkit? NIFA and National 4-H Council partnered to commission a comprehensive national study among current and prospective 4-H volunteers to determine how to attract high performing and engaged volunteers to the 4-H Movement. The Harris Interactive study determined several profiles of current and prospective and volunteers. The profiles will help 4-H staff to identify the most promising volunteers and provides the most compelling language to use to motivate them to donate their time. In addition, 4-H staff are encouraged to use the “Join the Revolution of Responsibility” brand campaign as a platform to attract volunteers to join the 4-H Movement and make a positive impact on America’s youth.