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  • National 4-H Council

    Our Mission: To increase investment and participation in High Quality 4-H Positive Youth Development

  • At National 4-H Council, we believe:

    • Every child should have the skills to thrive in life, community and career
    • Too many kids today are growing up unprepared for a complicated world
    • 4-H provides experiences that grow confident kids with the skills to take on life today and thrive in career tomorrow
    • The result: 6 million more confident, caring and capable kids.


    National 4-H Council

    National 4-H Council is committed to providing leadership and resources so that 4-H programs are available to youth around the world. Our executive leadership team and Board of Trustees are experts in the field of youth development. They are dedicated to the belief that helping kids achieve their boldest dreams empowers not only them but also our communities to thrive today, tomorrow, and beyond.

    National 4-H Council supports national and state 4-H programs with a focus on fundraising, brand management, communications, and legal and fiduciary services. Council also oversees National 4-H Youth Conference Center, and the National 4-H Supply Service, the authorized agent for items bearing the 4-H Name and Emblem.

    As a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity and one of just 1,800 charities to be given 4-Stars by Charity Navigator, National 4-H Council is a strong leader in the non-profit community. Learn more about how you can support National 4-H Council in building a stronger world for our young people.