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    Aligning with 4-H is an effective way to communicate support for youth in the communities where your customers live and work. We work with corporations to develop grassroots marketing tactics that highlight young people making a difference in their communities, as well as the role your company and employees played in making that happen. Download our cause marketing fact sheet to see examples of successful, customized partnerships 4-H has created with companies across industries.

    Cause Marketing Partnership with 4-H

    Consumers consider a cause when deciding:

    • What to buy or where to shop: 86%
    • Which companies I want to see doing business in my community: 77%
    • Which stocks to invest in: 79%
    • Which products and services to recommend to other people: 66%
    • Where to work: 80%
    • Millennials (young people ages 13-25) are more likely to switch from one brand to another
    • (price quality equal) if the latter supports a cause: 89%

    Source: 2007 Cone Cause Evolution Survey, 2006 Cone Cause Millennial Cause Study

    For more information on cause marketing partnerships with 4-H, please contact Heather Elliott , VP Development at 301-792-1023.

    4-H is Cause Marketing Success

    From licensed products to 4-H-inspired point-of-sale fundraising opportunities, partnering with 4-H will drive your business and engage your customers in a cause that they care deeply about the future of America's youth! 4-H can create a customized, cause marketing solution for any company or retailer. 

    Types of partnerships include:

    • Point-of-Purchase (4-H Paper Clover Promotion or Change Round Up)
    • Per Purchase Contribution
    • Per Participant Contribution
    • Licensing Partnership
    • Gift with Purchase Promotion

    Click on the logos below to see a sampling of 4-H's successful cause partnerships.

    Tractor Supply
    State Farm
  • National 4-H Council Logo   No endorsement of these partners' products or services is granted or implied by 4-H.