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  • Stories of Responsibility

    Turning ideas into action, 4-H youth are becoming everyday heroes who persevere through challenges to leave lasting, positive impacts on their communities. We’re showing the Revolution of Responsibility through the lives of real 4-Her’s making a real impact in their communities and giving voice to the uncommon dedication and barrier-breaking commitment of the young people who are 4-H.

  • Science

  • Pollution Education in Alameda County, CA

    California 4-H'ers are teaching restaurant owners and community members how they can "take a bite out of plastic pollution."

  • Citizenship

  • Helping Cancer Patients in Morgan County, MO

    Averee used the skills she learned from a 4-H project to sew colorful pillowcases to give to children staying in the local hospital for cancer treatment.

  • Healthy Living

  • Bicycles for Workers in Sacramento County, CA

    Julia Lewis helps a young recipient of a new bike.(1)Julia and the American River 4-H Club are empowering families in their community and promoting a healthy, safe transportation alternative by repairing and recycling used bicycles.