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Welcome to National 4-H Beef Curriculum

Learning about beef isn't all you will be doing. You'll also be learning about yourself, too. Many of the things you'll learn are skills you'll use in other areas of your life such as decision making, communicating with others and being an effective leader.

Book 1 Bite into Beef

Bite Into Beef

Youth engage in activities to identify breeds, locate parts, judge, halter break a calf, fit a steer, show a calf, recognize a healthy animal, select feed ingredients and shop for beef and beef by-products.

Book 2 Heres the Beef

Here's the Beef

Youth are challenged with activities related to leg structure, presenting oral reasons in judging, feed ingredients, behavior, nose printing, parasites, fitting, ethical issues, beef carcass composition and retail meat cuts.

Book 3 Leading the Charge

Leading the Charge

Selection and judging, feeds, careers, health, reproduction, and meats and marketing encourage youth to deepen their learning.


Beef Helper's Guide
Helpers find a variety of group learning activities, including skillathons, quiz bowls, games, presentations, Beef Bingo and several management skill activities.

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