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  • Yosmany, New Jersey 4-H'er

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  •  HughesNetPartner

    4-H and HughesNet

    Working together to inspire the next generation of leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

    4-H’s partnership with HughesNet is in full motion. Together, we are passionate about STEM education, building future leaders, and the role they will play in advancing our country’s competitiveness in the global economy. That’s what makes us natural partners in inspiring our next generation of scientists.

    Experts credit technological innovation with almost half of U.S. economic growth over the past 50 years, and nearly all of the 30 fastest-growing occupations in the next decade will require at least some background in STEM. Yet, only 45 percent of U.S. high school graduates in 2011 were ready for college work in math and 30 percent were ready in science.
    Together, HughesNet and 4-H have launched a series of initiatives to inspire kids in communities across America to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

    4-H GROWN - Reconnecting 4-H's 25 Million Alumni

    National 4-H Council and HughesNet are launching the 4-H GROWN Alumni Campaign. This interactive campaign invites the estimated 25 million 4-H alumni across the U.S. to help direct sponsorship funding by checking-in and tagging 4-H friends and family to bring more science innovation experiences to youth.

    When a 4-H alum “checks in” at, their state gets one vote closer to winning a $10,000 "Innovation Incubator" Science Sponsorship for youth in their community. Through 4-H GROWN, alumni will also re-connect with the local 4-H that helped them succeed and with a network of millions of 4-Hers around the world.


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