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  • Information About 4-H for Parents & Youth

  • information about 4-H for parents and youth

    4-H clubs and school programs provide youth development and youth mentoring programs to kids ages 8-18. 4-H programs are available in urban, suburban, and rural communities and membership in 4-H is free - it costs nothing to join. 4-H youth are not required to purchase uniforms and member expenses are kept to a minimum. 4-H programs and 4-H enrollment are managed by local 4-H offices – use the Find Your Local 4-H locator to find a local 4-H office and begin the process of enrolling your child in 4-H. For questions regarding 4-H programs, please contact your local 4-H office. Be sure to celebrate 4-H Week October 4 - 10, 2015!

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    4-H school programs are offered during school hours and after school.

    4-H in-school programs and clubs typically run in conjunction with the school year and meet during school hours. In-school 4-H programs directly support school curriculum and in-school 4-H clubs offer enrichment activities beyond the classroom. 4-H after-school programs and clubs meet after school hours (between the hours of 3:00 – 6:00 PM) in a school or other community center. 4-H after-school programs and clubs incorporate 4-H curriculum. To find a 4-H after-school program or club, please contact your local 4-H office.

    4-H clubs are available at the community, project, or special interest group level.

    Community 4-H clubs have a planned program that runs throughout the year and focuses on a variety of self-chosen learning experiences and activities. Examples include photography, robotics, gardening, animal science, ecology, rocketry, textiles, and cooking. 4-H community clubs typically meet in the evenings or on the weekend.

    Project 4-H clubs also provide planned programs that run throughout the year and focus on one project area. Project 4-H clubs typically meet in the evenings or on the weekend. 4-H special interest groups are short-term, focus on a specific learning experience and are not limited to members of 4-H clubs. To find a 4-H club near you, please contact your local 4-H office.

    4-H day camps and overnight camps provide fun, hands-on, experience-based learning. In certain states, non-4-H members can attend 4-H camp – please contact a local 4-H office to learn more. Although each 4-H camp is unique, many offer similar activities and resources including -

    • Archery
    • Cabins
    • Campfires
    • Canoeing
    • Challenge Courses
    • Classrooms
    • Climbing Walls
    • Dining Halls
    • Hiking Trails
    • Outdoor Education
    • Nature Study
    • Recreation Halls
    • School Enrichment
    • Teambuilding
    • Waterfront (depending on location)

    Your local 4-H office is your key to getting started in 4-H. They can tell you which 4-H clubs already exist in your county, the projects are being worked on, how to start a new club, or how to participate on your own. Use the Find Your Local 4-H locator to find a local 4-H office and begin the process of enrolling your child in 4-H.

    Since 1912, 4-H youth have met with every US President, beginning with President Taft. The tradition continued when 4-H'ers from Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland and Utah had the opportunity to meet President Obama in April.


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