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Tractor Supply and Del's Paper Clover Toolkits

 Header Logos Toolkit 2014

2015 Dates:

Spring:  April 22 - May 3

Fall:  October 7 - 18


Thank you for participating in the Fall 2014 Paper Clover promotion. Thanks to your hard work – getting 4-H’ers in-store, sending out press releases, encouraging your community to buy clovers – we generated $763,283!

We are so grateful to TSC and their loyal customers for their support of 4-H. Paper Clover funds support high quality 4-H Positive Youth Development programs that provide:

  • Positive relationships between youth and adults
  • Activities that build important life skills
  • Opportunities for youth to be valued participants and leaders of their communities

Be sure to thank your store manager for his support and let them know how funds raised impact youth in your community. Also, remember to maintain and steward the relationship with your local TSC store year-round.

Fall 2014 Post Promotion Resources:

Fall 2014 Results

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CT   MO   SD  
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IA   ND   WA  
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IL   NJ   WV
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Learn more about 4-H’s partnership with Tractor Supply, including how to win incentives and year round fundraising opportunities, at



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