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    This collection of resources spans the subject areas of the Volunteer Research, Knowledge & Competencies, a framework through which 4-H volunteers can develop competencies in the elements of 4-H Youth Development and personal readiness. The resources listed below were developed under the Cooperative Extension System, and are made available with their permission.

    The 4-H movement involves paid staff, volunteers, parents/guardians, and youth from across the country. The 4-H program builds upon its proud history and the expertise of the Cooperative Extension system to deliver programming that achieves high quality positive youth development.

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    The Communications competency is focused on the ability to create, deliver and interpret information effectively through formal and non-formal means.


    The Organization competency is rooted in the ability to engage others in planning, providing and delivering positive 4-H youth development programming in a community.

    4-H Program Management

    The 4-H Program Management competency ensures that volunteers understand and follow appropriate policies, procedures and safety guidelines, when acting on behalf of Extension.

    Educational Design & Delivery

    The Educational Design & Delivery competency prepares volunteers to plan, implement and evaluate research based learning opportunities that effectively promote positive personal development.

    Positive Youth Development

    The Positive Youth Development competency equips volunteers to intentionally and appropriately apply the principles and best practices that result in the positive development of youth.

    Interpersonal Characteristics

    The Interpersonal Characteristics competency fosters the ability to develop effective relationships, work competently with individuals and groups and express empathy and understanding for others.