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  • Volunteer Resources

  • Communications

    The Communications competency is focused on the ability to create, deliver and interpret information effectively through formal and non-formal means.

    This includes:

    • Speaking Ability
    • Listening Skills
    • Writing Skills
    • Non-Verbal Skills
    • Information Delivery & Dissemination
    • Marketing & Public Relations
    • Use of Technology
  • Resources

    • Communication and the 4-H VolunteerTips on how to communicate with parents, members, gain respect, etc.
    • Communication Guide for LeadersAn in-depth look at communication and how to foster effective communication among your club.
    • CommunicationsHandbook about communicating to different people via different methods. Interpersonal skills, group facilitation skills and barriers. Tips for email, telephone, in person and being effective as well as media use through news articles, radio, TV, internet and copyright laws.
    • Communications ToolkitInformation for leaders and activities to do with youth to improve their communication skills in various areas.
    • Getting 4-Hers Involved in Public PresentationsWays to get members involved in presentations, types of presentations and ways to assist them.
    • Getting 4-Hers Involved in Public SpeakingDifferent types of public speaking, ways to involve 4-Hers in public speaking opportunities, tips on how to help them prepare and encourage them.
    • How to Write a News ReleaseInformation about news story vs. feature story, what makes news, listing local media, steps to writing a press release for your club, including samples.
    • Public SpeakingInformation on how to encourage youth to engage in public speaking, demonstrations and illustrated talks as well as tips for preparing.
    • Tools for Public SpeakingInformation about how to encourage public speaking among youth including steps to success.