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Afterschool Agriculture


This uniquely focused activity guide was developed in cooperation with curriculum experts from the National Consortium of State Agriculture in the Classroom programs, Extension 4-H professionals, and specialists from the field of childcare education. Its intent is to promote agricultural literacy among young people during out-of-school time while developing their understanding, appreciation and application of science through a variety of hands-on agriculturally based activities.

Each book in this two volume series features 40 child tested activities that can be administered in a 30 minute period with additional ideas for extending the activity time. Each activity is easily transferable across 3rd - 5th grade audiences and requires minimal resources and preparation time, making them ideal for providers with limited experience and content knowledge.

Acres of Adventure 1

Acres of Adventures 1

Adults and older youth will enjoy using these lesson plans to engage youth in learning-by-doing activities within the following thematic units.

Acres of Adventure 2

Acres of Adventures 2

Guide for the after school teachers. Lesson plans will quickly involve youth in experiential activities related to insect invasion, farm physics, frontier living and more.