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The resources and activities in this group will help you successfully complete 4-H's Computer Power Unlimited curriculum. We have lots of cool games and activities to help you learn all about computers.

Newbie Know How

Newbie Know-How

This is a supplemental teaching resource for beginners that can be used with Teens Teaching Tech.

Inside the box

Inside the Box

By the end of this activity guide youth will be able to; Identify computer components, operating systems; Exhibit knowledge of the building, maintenance and repair of computers.

Ages 12 and up


Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer

By the end of this activity guide youth will be able to: demonstrate a basic understanding of networking; Work with adults and peers to build a functioning network.

Ages 12 and up

Teens Teaching Tech

Teens Teaching Tech

Work with peers, adults and community partners to develop service related computer goals; Develop lesson plans and teach diverse populations basic computer skills.

Ages 14 and up