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Welcome to the National 4-H Dog Curriculum

Explore the National 4-H Dog Curriculum, and develop a stronger relationship with your dog and learn life skills along the way!

You will learn:


  • Project Skills: how to select the proper dog; feed, care for and keep a dog healthy; grooming, fitting and training practices; appreciation for dogs' places in society; responsibility as a dog owner; and about dog-related careers.
  • Life Skills: Responsibility, Communication, Planning & Organizing, Decision Making, Leadership.


The resources and activities in this group will help you successfully complete 4-H's Dog curriculum. We have lots of cool games and activities to help you learn all about dogs.


Book 1 Wiggles and Wags

Wiggles and Wags

Youth learn basic skills for dog care and training. Activities include knowing breeds, selecting a dog, knowing the parts of a dog, keeping a dog healthy and groomed, training and much more.

Book 2 Canine Connection

Canine Connection

Youth explore more about dog health, nutrition, and care, genetic problems, population control, showmanship, training, ethics and budgeting.

Book 3 Leading the Pack

Helper's Guide

Experienced youth investigate responsible breeding, diseases, caring for geriatric dogs, training, service dogs, dog roles and careers related to dogs. This guide provides youth with numerous leadership opportunities.


Helpers Guide Dog
Group games and activities provide helpers with ideas for facilitating learning. Service learning opportunities are encouraged. Training activities and resources are highlighted.

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