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Exploring 4-H


Helper's Guide

Exploring the Treasures of 4-H Helpers Guide


This activity-packed group guide is designed for teachers, volunteer leaders and other educators. The activities help groups of youth explore the many treasures of 4-H. 8 categories linked to national education standards.

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Group Activities


A 120-page Group Activity Guide designed for teachers, volunteer leaders, and other educators, contains dozens of activities to help groups of youth, grades 2-4, explore the many treasures of 4-H. Activities are grouped by eight curriculum categories linked to national education standards, with suggestions provided for continued study in related 4-H projects.

The following activities are included in the printed Helper?s Guide, except for topics denoted with asterisks that are available only as online bonus activities.

Chapter 1 - Citizenship and Civic Education

Chapter 2 - Communications and Expressive Arts

Chapter 3 - Consumer and Family Sciences

Chapter 4 - Environmental Education and Earth Sciences

Chapter 5 - Healthy Lifestyle Education

Chapter 6 - Personal Development and Leadership

Chapter 7 - Plants and Animals

Chapter 8 - Science and Technology


Academic Standards
Each activity is cross-referenced to a National Education Standard but may meet several others as well. For more information about National Education Standards go to www.educationworld.com/standards. This web site can also link you to academic standards specific to your state.

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To find out more about many other 4-H project materials available from 4-H.org or to order online, visit its web site at www.4-hmall.org/Category/4-hcurriculum.aspx