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Yosmany, New Jersey 4-H'er

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Helper's Guide

Exploring the Treasures of 4-H Helpers Guide


This activity-packed group guide is designed for teachers, volunteer leaders and other educators. The activities help groups of youth explore the many treasures of 4-H. 8 categories linked to national education standards.

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Group Activities


A 120-page Group Activity Guide designed for teachers, volunteer leaders, and other educators, contains dozens of activities to help groups of youth, grades 2-4, explore the many treasures of 4-H. Activities are grouped by eight curriculum categories linked to national education standards, with suggestions provided for continued study in related 4-H projects.

The following activities are included in the printed Helper?s Guide, except for topics denoted with asterisks that are available only as online bonus activities.

Chapter 1 - Citizenship and Civic Education

Chapter 2 - Communications and Expressive Arts

Chapter 3 - Consumer and Family Sciences

Chapter 4 - Environmental Education and Earth Sciences

Chapter 5 - Healthy Lifestyle Education

Chapter 6 - Personal Development and Leadership

Chapter 7 - Plants and Animals

Chapter 8 - Science and Technology


Academic Standards
Each activity is cross-referenced to a National Education Standard but may meet several others as well. For more information about National Education Standards go to This web site can also link you to academic standards specific to your state.

Ordering 4-H Curriculum Materials
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