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Welcome to National 4-H Horse Curriculum

These horse manuals provide an interactive curriculum for youth that is hands on and grounded solidly in subject matter. With the addition of new content to the series, youth will be able to develop life skills while exploring horse science

Book 1 Giddy up and Go

Giddy Up and Go

Focuses on the introductory basics and familiarizes youth with horses. Activities include horse body shop, designing the perfect horse, paper dolls, human cues and group relay knot.

Grades 3-4

Book 2 Head, Heart, and Hooves

Head, Heart and Hooves

Youth learn about horse behavior, detailed anatomy and basic care practices for horses. Activities are pony up to the salad bar, body condition scoring, bad hair day, and long in the tooth.

Grades 5-6

Book 3 Stable Relationships

Stable Relationships

Keeping horses healthy and teaching basic care to youth are the heart of this activity guide.

Grades 7-9


Book 4 Riding the Range

Riding the Range

Beginning riding skills and everything youth ned to know before they get on a horse for the first time are covered in this book. Activities are round pen workout, bridle in a bucket, saddle up, where do you ride, and basic riding.

Grades 10-12

Book 5 Jumping to New Heights

Jumping to New Heights

The ins and outs of showing your horse are covered in this book. Activities include quarter system, showmanship, self-rating sheets, goal selection, when whinning isn't everything.

Grades 10-12


Horse Helper's Guide
Interactive group activities help leaders make knowledge come to life for youth. Special tips for leaders to help youth acquire life skills. There is added attention to safety and subject matter throughout the series. For adult and teen leaders

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