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The National 4-H Photography Program Helps Youth


  • Recognize photography as a useful hobby and potential profession.
  • Observe and appreciate surroundings through the eye of the camera.
  • Develop and apply technical and artistic skills in film-based and digital photography.
  • Learn about photography as an art, a science and a communication tool.
  • Record events, ideas and situations for study or reference.


Focus on Photography

Focus on Photography

Youth will focus on equipment basics, taking sharper pictures, the concept of lighting & flash, photo composition approaches, sequencing and evaluating photographs.  Level 1

Controlling the Image

Controlling the Image

Youth will explore depth of field, aperture and shutter speeds, hard and soft lighting, silhouettes and flash techniques. Youth will also learn to evaluate composition using the rule of thirds, the golden triangle, and the golden rectangle, use different viewpoints and understand positive and negative space.  Level 2

Mastering Photography

Mastering Photography

In this third level book, youth will understand the use of wide angle and telephoto lenses, filters and special film, light meters, shooting photos with different light sources and the use of natural and artificial lighting for effect.  Level 3