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Reading Makes Cents



This site is the online resource to supplement Reading Makes Cents National 4-H Curriculum.


Reading Makes Cents is a financial literacy and reading curriculum for children in grades 3-5. Most of the activities are stand-alone and designed to be completed in one session. Some of the activities build on others, but generally, you can pick and choose activities from within or among sections. This format makes the curriculum ideally suited for out-of-school time programs.


Browse through the resources that correspond to each chapter in the print curriculum by visiting Reading Makes Cents Activity Guide area. Or, check out downloadable materials and interactive media by visiting the Web Resources area.


Reading Makes Cents Overview


Reading Makes Cents

Reading Makes Cents

Has 53 experiential activities developed around money including saving, spending, sharing, earning, borrowing, and lending. The literature, concepts about money, and activities were selected to appeal to children in grades 3-5.

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