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4-H Robotics Curriculum

Engaging Kids in Critical Math, Science & Programming Skills through Robotics

Using this curriculum, youth will:

  • Build an understanding of basic science concepts related to robotics
  • Apply the processes of scientific inquiry and engineering design
  • Build skills in science, engineering and technology
  • Use the tools of technology to enhance their learning
  • Explore related careers in these fields
  • Apply the skills and knowledge they are developing to new challenges.


The 4-H Robotics Curriculum is comprised of three tracks; each is designed to meet the diverse requirements of 4-H clubs, after-school programs, individual youth and school enrichment activities. The curriculum was developed for all levels of expertise: from beginning to advanced.

 Download the 4-H Robotics Curriculum overview  

Virtual Robotics
The Virtual Robotics track provides youth with opportunities to build and test virtual robots.
Junk Drawer Robotics
The Junk Drawer Robotics track challenges participants to build robots from everyday household items.
Robotics Platforms
In the Robotics Platforms track, youth use a commercial robotics kit to explore the world of robotics.

Robotics Facilitators

4-H Robotics Glossary

This glossary provides simple definitions for 89 specialized terms used in the 4-H Robotics curriculum. It’s an easy resource to go to find out what is meant by terms such as “Actuator”, “Pseudocode” or “Single pole double throw switch.”

Download the Glossary