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4-H Robotics Curriculum


4-H Robotics Curriculum: Virtual Robotics TrackThe Virtual Robotics track makes learning convenient and economical! Participants will learn basic science and robotics concepts online through meaningful and engaging mediums including videos, simulations, animations and more. The Robotics Notebook for this track will be a real-world notebook in which students record their designs and respond to questions as they work and learn in the virtual environment.


Try the Sample Activity

4-H Robotics Curriculum: Virtual Robotics Track Sample ActivityWelcome to the Virtual Robotics Test Drive. The test drive gives you a chance to control a virtual robot as it cruises around a petrochemical plant. This is just one of the fun experiences that is part of the Virtual Robotics program. In Virtual Robotics, you can learn how robots are designed and developed. You will learn to program your virtual robot and test it in a variety of compelling virtual environments.

It will take about a minute to download the program. Click on the robot screen to begin and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your robot.