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Small Engines


Are you ready to start your engines? In this project you will learn about basic small engine knowledge. You will learn about engine parts, tools of the trade, safety issues and what makes small engines work.


Project Overview  



This Small Engine curriculum uses the experiential learning model to develop life skills and project skills using small engines and equipment powered by small engines. Each of the fifty activities has a life skill, project skill, and an Education Standard. The curriculum has three grade-based youth guides and a helper's guide. As the youth complete these activities they will enjoy developing the project and life skills.  

Crank It Up

Crank It Up!

Youth focus on basic small engine knowledge, study external engine parts, discover tools of the trade & learn the concepts behind what makes small engines work. They explore the uses of small engines & safety issues.

Grades 3-5

Warm It Up

Warm It Up!

Youth explore internal parts of engines, learn about engine sizes, compression ratios, seasoning their engines & safety issues. Youth also learn about occupational possibilities & about starting their own business.

Grades 6-8

Tune It Up

Tune It Up!

Youth tear down and rebuild an engine, use diagnostic tools, research rules and regulations about using small engine machines and select replacement engines.

Grades 9-12 


Small Engines Helpers Guide
The Helper's Guide includes group activities, helpful hints for each activity in the three youth guides and additional small engine project meeting ideas.

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