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Welcome to the National 4-H Swine Curriculum

This project activity guide is a part of the 4-H "Skills for Life" Animal Science Series. The three youth guides in the swine series are designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners respectively. Youth may work at the level most appropriate for them. Each guide includes an achievement program to provide challenging activities, a way to expand project experiences beyond the animal and a means to recognize youth for what they have accomplished. The activities in this guide are specifically designed to help youth develop skills in decision making, relating to others, communicating with others and learning to learn.


Book 1 Swine

The Incredible Pig

Youth will enjoy naming breeds, learning swine body parts, judging market hogs, exploring a digestive system, examining a healthy pig, identifying pork cuts, practicing fitting and showing and many other activities in Swine 1.

Grade 3-5

Book 2 Swine

Putting the Oink in Pig

Activities in Swine 2 include managing baby pigs, balancing a ration, exploring swine diseases, preparing pork, discovering swine careers and packing a show box.

Grade 6-8

Book 3 Swine

Going Whole Hog

Advanced youth will plan a breeding system, judge breeding gilts, design a swine operation, complete a job application, explore career opportunities and international markets plus many other challenging activities.


Helpers Guide Swine

This guide is packed with activities to involve the entire group. Youth will plan a program, complete project records, develop a management calendar, explore the pork quality assurance program and investigate character education


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