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The Power of the Wind


Facilitator Guide


Facilitator Guide cover

Throughout The Power of the Wind curriculum, you will guide youth to use the engineering design process to find solutions to problems related to wind power. Youth work on teams to analyze problems and find solutions that balance options and constraints. They test what they've made to see how it works, then make adjustments and test further, as necessary. Although designed for groups, this project adapts for individual project work with an adult. Throughout the design process, as an adult facilitator, you will cultivate independence and mastery by guiding and asking questions in a caring environment. The challenges are designed to assist youth to learn by doing and apply findings to local community needs.

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Look Inside - The Power of the Wind Facilitor Guide

Look Inside - The Power of the Wind Youth Guide


Completion Certificate




As you prepare to lead group activities:

  • Read the activity in the youth guide.
  • Prepare for a discussion that will generate a large number of ideas.
  • If time allows, try the activities yourself before you do them with youth.


4-H Philosophy


Chapter 1. How Can We Think Like an Engineer?


Chapter 2. How Do We Study Wind?


Chapter 3. How Do We Use the Wind?


Chapter 4. How Do Geography and Community Influence Wind Power Projects?


Chapter 5. How Does Wind Inspire Creativity and Design?


Wind Power and Beyond


For more on this topic from land-grant universities across the U.S. see: Home Energy

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