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The Power of the Wind



The Power of the Wind




Into The Wind


This four-part film shows you exciting ways to interact with the wind while learning basic physics. Each section contains an activity you can do yourself (fly a kite, sail a model sailboat, make a pinwheel) and animations explain the physics behind these real-world activities. The lessons lead to examples of other wind technologies such as hang gliding, sailing, windmills, and wind turbines.


Into the Wind Facilitator Guide Sheets


These two page facilitator guide sheets provide support for using the Into the Wind videos with youth with special notes about how they can be used with The Power of the Wind. Each of the four Into the Wind short videos focus on a different topic – kites; hang gliders; sailboats and pinwheels and science concepts about the wind. There is a Facilitator Guide sheet written for each topic.


The 3M Foundation invests in tomorrow's leaders to support the environment, energy solutions, and engineering. The Noyce Foundation is dedicated to stimulating ideas and supporting initiatives designed to produce significant improvement in teaching and learning in mathematics, science, and literacy for youth in grades K-12.