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The Power of the Wind


Youth Guide

Look Inside - Power of the Wind Youth Guide


You can use this web site to guide your own discovery. Are you interested in wind turbines? How to save energy? How to power a cell phone with your own energy of motion? The beginning of your exploration starts here! Browse through the information that corresponds to each chapter in the print curriculum by viewing the resources below.

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Look Inside - The Power of the Wind Youth Guide


Completion Certificate


 * 2014 Updates to pages 26-35 in the Youth Guide

 * 2014 Updates to the Youth Guide Appendices  

    Chapter 1. How Can We Think Like an Engineer?


    Chapter 2. How Do We Study the Wind?


    Chapter 3. How Do We Use the Wind?


    Chapter 4. How Do Geography and Community Influence Wind Power Projects?


    Chapter 5. How Does Wind Inspire Creativity and Design?


    Energy Games


    Wind Power and Beyond


    For more on this topic from land-grant universities across the U.S. see:  Home Energy 

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    The 3M Foundation invests in tomorrow's leaders to support the environment, energy solutions, and engineering. The Noyce Foundation is dedicated to stimulating ideas and supporting initiatives designed to produce significant improvement in teaching and learning in mathematics, science, and literacy for youth in grades K-12.