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Yosmany, New Jersey 4-H'er

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Veterinary Science

Welcome to National 4-H Veterinary Science Curriculum

The Veterinary Science "Skills for Life" Series includes a set of three youth guides designed to be developmentally appropriate for grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 respectively and a helpers guide to provide youth with ideas and activities to expand the educational impact of the Veterinary Science project experience. Youth can set goals, identify resources, practice presentations and evaluate their own progress as they complete the Veterinary Science Achievement Program.

Book 1 From Airedales to Zebras

From Airedales to Zebras 

The first guide introduces youth to the normal animal, basic anatomy and systems, elementary principles of disease and careers with animals.

Book 2 All Systems Go

All Systems Go

Youth will examine health and disease topics, normal and abnormal conditions and veterinary careers.

Book 3 On the Cutting Edge

On the Cutting Edge

This guide involves youth in in-depth investigation of normal and abnormal systems, preparation for college and exploration of the diversity of the veterinary profession.


Veterinary Science Helper's Guide
The Helper's Guide provides supplemental materials that help adult volunteers facilitate learning situations for various ages of youth. Group activities are included to help youth develop essential life skills as they pursue their interest in veterinary medicine.

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