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  • AgriScience

  • Although Agriculture has traditionally been defined by the production of plants and animals, today, science and technology have added new areas of research, and investigation to the agriculture field. The 4-H AgriScience curriculum and supporting programming has been created to cultivate the emerging study of biotechnology and business/economics in the agriculture industry through hands-on experiential learning activities and online learning courses for youth.

    Supporting Programming:

    Teens Teaching Youth AgriScience/Biotechnology(pdf)

    National 4-H Council partnered with the United Soybean Board (USB) and five state 4-H programs to conduct AgriScience/Biotechnology programs in ten urban areas of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio. In addition to providing an introduction to AgriScience/Biotechnology, youth learned concepts such as Agricultural Literacy, Global Food Security, Sustainability, and about the variety of career paths associated with the field. A total of 82 teenagers were extensively trained, and in turn, reached 620 youth in afterschool and summer programs during 2012. Each of the sites involved biotechnology partners from agribusinesses, commodity groups, and universities.

    As a result of this programming, it was evident that a guide for professionals and volunteers to deliver these programs was needed in order to increase the potential to reach more youth.

    The following PowerPoint presentations and facilitators guide were developed with funding from the United Soybean Board (USB).  The background material and modules in this guide include agriscience concepts including agricultural literacies, challenges for agriculture, an introduction to biotechnology, and agriscience/biotechnology career awareness.

    These materials are designed to improve base knowledge about agriscience related to plant biotechnology through the use of seven modules. Each module includes an introduction, a PowerPoint slide set, hands-on activities, discussion topics, and review questions.

    Target audience: 4-H Professionals and Volunteers

    Purpose of the materials: to provide substantive science-based foundational knowledge of agriscience/biotechnology through the use of presentations, discussions and hands-on activities.  Facilitators will be able to gain a better understanding of agriscience/biotechnology, and will then be able to use the modules and facilitator guide to train other professionals and volunteers so that they will be equipped to facilitate youth programming.

    AgriScience/BioTech PowerPoint 1 

    AgriScience/BioTech PowerPoint 2 

    AgriScience/BioTech PowerPoint 3

    Facilitator Guide (downloadable PDF)