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  • AgriScience

  • Biotechnology Activities

    The science of biotechnology is a discipline that is growing in importance. As populations increase, communities are looking to produce healthy, plentiful and environmentally responsible products.

    A Scientist and an Engineer Make Bio-Based Products (pdf)

    Scientists and engineers are constantly experimenting and using technology to invent new bio-based products. In this activity, use your innovation skills to learn about soy science, and design products that utilize soy protein to create a new bio-based material.

     Agriculture in Print: Soy Ink (pdf)

    In this activity, learn about the harvest and production of soy-based inks. Try your hand at the art and technology of printing and see how oil and water mix.

     Food Science and Technology (pdf)

    What keeps chocolate smooth and creamy? What chemical balance allows NesQuik® to blend so quickly? This activity allows you to discover how science is used in food technology to make products more stable and enjoyable for consumption.

     Agriculture at Work: Bioplastic (pdf)

    Although about 95% of all the plastic in the world started out as crude oil, many plants like potatoes, soybeans and wheat are used to make plastic as well. In this activity, test your chemistry skills by making bioplastic with corn ingredients.

     From Biomass to Biofuel: Burn a Nut (pdf)

    Biofuels are made from renewable materials like plants. Today, energy crop innovation is continuing to develop sources of sustainable biofuels. Now you can experiment to see how much energy can be produced from a plant-based source.

     Agriculture in Soap: Plant Oils Matter (pdf)

    While biochemists use chemistry principles to improve our soaps, biotechnologists work to develop plant traits that will improve the fatty acids for use in soaps, food and other industrial products. Try an easy melt-and-pour recipe to make soap that meets your own consumer standards.

     Protecting You and the Environment: Green at Home (pdf)

    When farmers and industrial companies work together to make bioproducts, the consumer wins; but how do everyday farmers make their products “green”? In this activity, choose a bio-based product, find the agriculture ingredient, create a consumer test, and report on your results.

     Face the Fat: Engineering a Better Oil (pdf)

    Fats get a bad rap when it comes to the food we eat, so scientists are playing with plants to reduce the amount of trans fat in the foods we enjoy. Learn how to explore the types of fats you eat, monitor the amount of fat you consume in a day, and discover the role fats play in making food taste better.

    Go Fish: Aquaculture (online) Coming Soon! 

    Did you know that you can grow fish on a farm? Meet several scientists and fish farmers who are raising fish around the world as part of an aquaculture farm. Learn how technology makes it possible to raise fish in cities, in the ocean and even in the desert.

    A Changing World (online) Coming Soon! 

    Research, data and statistics can seem pretty dull unless they are presented in an entertaining and meaningful way. This online activity will introduce a tool to give new meaning to facts and figures, and will help make world population and agriculture facts come to life. Enjoy what you see and then use the tool to create graphs to tell your own story.