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  • Curriculum Development

  • Introduction to Curriculum Development

    Welcome to the curriculum development website, a resource for 4-H professionals who are interested in writing, evaluating, reviewing, and publishing high quality 4-H educational materials.

    The curriculum development process was conceptualized during a 2010 national meeting on 4-H curriculum and learning. The resulting “Blueprint for Learning”  serves as the basis for curriculum development.

    In 2012, another national meeting on 4-H curriculum was held to build upon the Blueprint for Learning. The 4-H learning experience was defined as a youth centered approach that provides the opportunity for exploration and reflection on learning experiences. Youth have the flexibility to direct their learning based on their interests and their individual learning preferences.

    4-H learning materials should always have an intentional educational objective(s) that support one or more outcomes of the 4-H logic models. 4-H management teams provide oversight for the outcomes that guide the development of educational materials. Learn more about how the management teams prioritize the need for new learning materials.

  • 4-H Curriculum is defined as the sum total of all intentional learning experiences. 

    Curriculum includes

    • outputs such as: meetings, events, workshops, trainings, field trips;
    • activities such as: club, school enrichments, afterschool, and camps; and
    • inputs such as: print, web-based, and other technology based sources of educational information.