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  • National 4-H Council grants give young people and adults the opportunity to take on issues critical to their lives, families, and communities. Youth and adults work together to design the project, write the proposal, and evaluate funded projects. The grants are offered to 4-H programs in local communities, in counties, and on the state level.

    Grant deadlines are determined in conjunction with our funding partners. Once a particular grant is announced, grant proposals are normally solicited for a four- to eight-week period. Please note that grants are awarded to 4-H Extension groups, not to individuals.

    Grants & Awards Opportunities

    National 4-H Council offers grants to 4-H programs in local communities, counties, and at the state level. This funding provides opportunities for young people and adults to take action on issues critical to their lives, their families, and their communities. Youth and adults work in partnership in the design of the project, writing the proposal, implementation of the program, and the evaluation of funded projects. Grants are awarded to 4-H Extension groups and are not available to individuals.

    In partnership with corporate and federal donors, numerous grant and award opportunities support and recognize the 4-H system nationwide. These opportunities range from Citizenship; Science, Engineering, and Technology; Healthy Living; Afterschool; and Volunteerism.

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    Online Application System

    National 4-H Council's online grants portal, is a one-stop resource, providing information for all of National 4-H Council's funding opportunities. Requests for Proposals/Application, application forms, and general information on funding opportunities is only posted on the portal.

    Applications for funding are only accepted from 4-H/Extension professionals and state level Extension 4-H/Youth Development Program Leaders or LGU Administrator must approve all proposals.

    Organizations that are interested in funding should contact their local Extension office to discuss partnership opportunities.

    For assistance, please contact contact us.

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