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  • Promotional Toolkits

  • Looking for materials to promote 4-H in your community? You’ve come to the right place. In this section, you’ll find tips for working with the media, information about the 4-H emblem and proper usage, as well as press release templates, flyers, fact sheets, ads, promotional videos, photographs and more.

  • Ag Innovators Experience 

    4-H Ag Innovators Experience


    Sponsored by National 4-H Council and Monsanto, the Ag Innovators Experience is a program that reaches 10,000 youth in a select number of states with a strong agricultural industry that helps young people develop the professional skills needed to feed a growing world population. This year's Ag Innovators Experience is the Water Windmill Challenge which teaches 4-H youth about the importance of water in food production.


    Spring 2015 Tractor Supply and Del's Paper Clover Toolkits 

    TSC Partner LogoTractor Supply Co./Del's has partnered with 4-H to support local programs through the Paper Clover fundraiser. Check out the Spring 2015 Paper Clover Toolkit to find promotional resources and general information about how to make this promotion a success in your county!


    National Drug Facts Week 

    National Drug Facts Week logoNational Drug Facts Week (NDFW) is an annual health observance week for teens to shatter the myths about drugs and drug abuse. NDFW centers on community events for teens, Drug Facts Chat Day, and partnerships.


    4-H Grown Sponsored by HughesNet 

    HughesNet Logo

    4-H and HughesNet are working together to inspire the next generation of leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Raise Your Hand for 4-H campaign will award a $10,000 science sponsorship from HughesNet to the state that shows the most support. This toolkit shares three easy steps to rally support in your state.


    2014 National 4-H Week Toolkit 

    2014 National 4-H Week summaryWe know that 4-H youth are making extraordinary changes in their communities every day. Now it's time to share their faces with the world. Express your 4-H pride with this year’s theme, “#iam4H.”


    ConAgra: 4-H Food Smart Families 

    ConAgra Logo - smallConAgra Foods Foundation and National 4-H Council have partnered to create the 4-H Food Smart Families initiative to help families live healthy on a budget. This toolkit provides promotional and educational resources to help promote the 4-H Food Smart Families program in grantee states.


    CME Group Commodity Carnival Toolkit 

    CME Commodity Carnival4-H and CME Group have launched a partnership with 11 states to bring an educational and fun learning activity called Commodity Carnival to selected local events. This toolkit provides instructional and promotional resources for grantees to execute the CME Group Commodity Carnival grant.


    Walmart Youth Voice: Youth Choice Toolkit 

    Walmart Toolkit LogoThe Walmart Foundation has partnered with 4-H Health Living Programs to support 4-H Youth Voice: Youth Choice [italics] to help address issues of nutrition, physical fitness, obesity and food insecurity among America's young people. This toolkit provides promotional and educational resources for grantees to deepen their community impact.


    Molina Teens Take on Health Town Hall Meetings Toolkit 

    Molina Teens Take on HealthNational 4-H Council has partnered with Molina Healthcare, challenging teens to make a 90-second video to show how they would take on health challenges in their communities. This toolkit provides promotional resources, templates and forms needed for running Molina Teens Take on Health Town Hall Meetings.


    Volunteer Recruitment Toolkit 

    Every successful 4-H story begins with a 4-H volunteer. Harness the power of volunteer participation and engagement in your community and learn how to target those individuals who will bring passion to your program. These resources were built to assist your 4-H program in finding and recruiting more 4-H volunteers.


    Social Media Toolkit 

    Built for those who are new to social media, as well as advanced users, this toolkit will help you harness the power of Facebook and Twitter to communicate with a variety of audiences.


    Eat4-Health Promotional Toolkit 

    Eat4-HHealth 4-H and United Health logoEat4-Health engages the whole community to bring healthy choices to life! Prepare for successful events with resources on building partnerships, guiding the teams, enhancing visibility and curriculum. 



    Media Relations Toolkit 

    Built for those who are new to the public relations field, as well as seasoned experts, this toolkit will help you harness the power of the press. Learn how to heighten 4-H public exposure, educate new audiences about 4-H, and showcase 4-H’s relevance, positive outcomes and programmatic depth.


    4-H Robotics 

    Spread the word about 4-H Robotics and help us usher in the next generation of scientists!  Use this toolkit to promote your Robotics program and the 4-H Robotics curriculum online and in print.


    Online Giving Toolkit 

    Now it's even easier to support 4-H. Supporters can quickly and easily give to your 4-H program. This toolkit includes all the materials needed to promote online giving.


    4-H Study of Positive Youth Development Toolkit 

    National 4-H Council and Tufts University encourage State 4-H Program participation in the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development. Dr. Jo Turner, former Missouri State 4-H Program Leader, works with the project to provide technical assistance to state 4-H programs in cooperation with Tufts University.


    Healthy Living Toolkit 

    This mini-toolkit has templates for developing brochures and other collateral to promote local 4-H Healthy Living activities and programs.