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    Studies show American students are not taking enough interest in engineering and technology to maintain our country's ability to lead innovation in the future. 4-H hopes to reverse that trend via its engaging programs in filmmaking and robotics.

    Filmmaking Studio and Workshop

    Modern technology is now able to put the power of filmmaking into the hands of anyone with a computer and a video camera. The 4-H Filmmaking Studio and Workshop gives even the most novice producers the tools to make basic films. The curricula is a step-by-step journey from camera operation to storyboarding and post-production. Soon 4-H members will be making short films all over their community.


    Did you know you could be creating a robot right now? Thanks to a partnership between National 4-H Council and FIRST®, with generous funding from JCPenney Afterschool Fund, Robotics programs and clubs are expanding across the nation.

    Robotics programs not only engage young people and adult mentors, but they also provide an opportunity for local 4-H Robotics club members to interact with engineering experts in their communities. The curricula teaches young people design fundamentals by challenging them think creatively and critically as they build their own robots to solve an engaging set of problems.

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