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  • Science

  • Environmental Science & Alternative Energy

    4-H's programs provide young people first-hand experience in utilizing alternative energy, conserving energy and learning how to limit humanity's impact on our environment. Completing programs such as 4-H2Online, which teaches water conservation, and The Power of the Wind, which teaches youth how to take advantage of wind energy, allows young people an entry point into these important conversations. With this knowledge, 4-H'ers can interact with their community's decision-makers and help foment environmentally conscious policy.


    Beginning with students in middle school, working its way through high schools, and then into family units, the 4-H2Online program systematically leads members along the water cycle via engaging projects that teach conservation, options for cleaning the water supply and how each member of the family can help save water.

    The Power of the Wind

    Next-generation wind turbines are popping up all over the world, and the technology can seem out of the reach of middle-school-aged students. But when placed on a smaller scale via The Power of the Wind, young people are challenged to create devices that use wind power to accomplish various tasks. In one project, 4-H'ers use a step-by-step process to learn about wind power and then brainstorm, design and ultimately create a pinwheel capable of lifting a small load.

    There's No New Water

    Aimed at high-school-aged students, There's No New Water  teaches 4-H members that water is a finite natural resource whose quality and quantity must be respected and preserved. The program uses experiential learning methods to teach students about the water cycle, human impact on water quality and quantity and ultimately involves members in teaching others in their community the importance of preserving this important resource.

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