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     In 2011, Walmart 4-H Youth Voice: Youth Choice Healthy Living programs were implemented through 15 grants to Cooperative Extension 4-H Programs in 14 states and Puerto Rico for programming occurring between October 2011 – September 2012. Each grantee received $55,500 to reach thousands of youth and their families and to utilize teens as teachers in all stages from planning programs to educating youth, other teens, and adults to address nutritional choices and food security challenges. Many programs focused on high-impact direct reach (long-term intentional programming, i.e. residential camp, Teens as Teachers, gardening) while also engaging the general public (low-impact indirect reach) through health/county/state fairs. The 2011-2012 programming produced significant impact. Over 45,000 youth and adults were reached and given opportunities to empower themselves by learning how to achieve healthier lifestyles. Over one million people were reached through media outreach. In addition to grantee state program media attention, the Walmart 4-H Youth Voice: Youth Choice initiative conducted a successful radio media tour in the targeted 15 grantee states.

    Through an expansion during the 2013-2014 programming year, the Youth Voice: Youth Choice program is expected to reach 74,000 youth and their family members in 23 states by focusing on intentional collaborations within the unique infrastructure of the land-grant university Cooperative Extension System. This expansion will further the Healthy Living revolution, by taking key steps that target obesity and food insecurity in hundreds of communities.

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