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  • Healthy Living

  • Join 4-H as we observe National Drug Facts Week January 26 - February 2, 2015.  Check out our new activity Messing with the Message and find other ways to celebrate here.  

     Health Rocks!® 

    Health Rocks!® is curricula for a healthy living program targeted at young people ages 8 to 14. Teen and adult facilitators share hands-on activities that educate youth on the consequences of tobacco, alcohol and drug use.

    The program aims to:

    • Reduce youth smoking and tobacco use.
    • Help youth build life skills that lead to healthy lifestyle choices with special emphasis on youth smoking and tobacco use prevention.
    • Help youth understand influences and health consequences of tobacco, drug, and alcohol use to make healthy choices.
    • Engage youth and adults in partnership to develop and implement community strategies that promote healthy lifestyle choices.
    • Build positive, enduring relationships with youth involved as full partners through widely varying "communities of interest" to address youth risk behaviors. 

    Delivering Lasting Impact

    Analysis from 2011 shows that the Health Rocks! program was highly successful in educating youth.

    • 96% of youth participants gained increased knowledge of the risks and consequences associated with tobacco usage
    • 93% of youth participants gained increased knowledge about other risky behaviors
    • 95% of youth participants learned social personal, social and/or resistance skills
    • 96% of youth participants said that they personally disapprove of tobacco products

    Watch this video, from our extension partners at the University of Tennessee, to see the Health Rocks! program in action.

     To see how Health Rocks!® and other 4-H programs support Positive Youth Development, please visit the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development.

    healthrocks curriculum Purchase the Health Rocks!® Curriculum at 4-H Mall


     Health Rocks! Carnival

    A new interactive learning game called Health Rocks! Carnival is now available for free download through iTunes for the iPad or as a desktop version on 4-H.org to enhance youth learning in the Health Rocks! curricula. As the first app developed for a national 4-H curriculum, the game was created by Jeff Abele of Move Creative (who also developed the app for National Youth Science Day), and Shane Potter and Lyndsey Pohlmeier of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who adapted the game using content from the lessons in the Health Rocks! curricula.

    Through this game, youth test their health knowledge by participating in carnival-themed games. The overall health status of their player is determined by how many health points they obtain, which will either turn their player into a superhero or an unhealthy person.

    Access the Health Rocks! Carnival desktop version or download the app for the iPad here:

    iPad Version

    Desktop Version (best viewed in Google Chrome and Firefox)

    Health Rock! App Preview