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    4-H has a long history of helping youth "learn by doing" which involves a process known as the experiential learning model.  The learning model incorporates doing something, reflecting upon it and applying what is learned. When youth are thoughtfully guided through the DO-REFLECT-APPLY process, there is tremendous potential for positive youth development and growth. 

    4-H is determined to create an optimal learning environment for youth. Inquiry-based learning, a process that provides more freedom for youth to construct their own learning, has also been adopted in 4-H Science curricula. 

    Whatever learning process is the best match for the intended outcome, the 4-H focus remains on teaching new topics and life skill development. 4-H volunteers are trained to facilitate the learning which then occurs in nonformal settings like 4-H club meetings and activities.  The 4-H result is a fun fulfilling learning experience. 

    Programs of Distinction

    To showcase and celebrate the scholarly standards and best practices in 4-H high quality positive youth development programming, local 4-H programs from across the nation are selected to be named as Programs of Distinction. Programs must pass a rigorous peer review process and meet specific evaluation criteria to receive distinction. Visit the USDA website for a complete listing of Programs of Distinction, and information including submission and evaluation guidelines.
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